TheTruth About Remi LeMarche

we allknow that historians lie.  they have covered up every major Discovery since the burning of Tera beth.  Its no surpise that they are doing again with the only magician to have ever lived.  they say that there are three magicians in history but the truth is that there is only one: remi le Marche.  The two others were only people trying to do what he did.

Te official story is that remi le Marche stopped writing once he started learning to do magic but that simply isnt true.  people in the knwo are aware that he published a book after returning to France in 1774 called “The Mental Creation of Objects”.  In it he explained how he managed to create al of the things he could create.  The church succeeded in burning every copy of the book and that is why no surviving copies of it survive.

in the Book he talks about how hard it was to even imagine a piece of light but that once he was able to do that he moved on to bigger and bigger objects.  He talks about how once he let go of the thought the object idsapread.

Towards the end of the book he talks about his recent creations and they are fantastic.  the historians will cliam to the fact that he only ever managed to create a small thing like a light.  in this book he tals about creating much more things.  he managed to create a living animal once, but the mind of hte animal was inseperable form his mind and he had to let it go.  he talks about how it took him months to recover from the experience.   his life becomes much darker after failing to convince the smallminded philosophers of france and he became darwn to creating bigger and better things.  it began with the amnial but soon he was creating objecst that couldnt exist in real life and only in his mind.  he talks about how he oculd feel reality bending to allow them to exist.  he sometimes was able to create phyiscal represtnetions of his thoughts and memories but this was hard.  he once was able to create a mirror that allowed him to seeinto himself since it began in himself.

with the increasing breakdown between the world and his mind (the world bent to allow things in his mind to created) his powers grew exponentially.  he was able to not only create objects but alter the world around him.  He could visualize an object melting and it would melt.

But with this power came great danger.  He began to lose control of his creations and his grip of the world.  he was singlehandedly holding reality to gether when he did thes things. his mind bent reality but was also responsible for having it stay within a certain shape.  reality around him became more and more altered by him to the point where he would fantasize and things would get created withouth him even meaning to usmmon them.

as he went on he became depressed.  One day as he was imagining the horrors that might befall him and they did… onlookers said a darkness took him and he simply vanished.

He was the greatest person to ever live.  I seems clear that hte future of humanity relies on his ability and the power of hte mind.  We cant ignore it any longer and must learn from him instead of banishing him to the dungeons.


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